Driving School in Arizona

Driving School in Arizona

by tsinaz2, July 6, 2018

Do you need Driving School in Arizona?  When looking for the right driving school in AZ it is important to know exactly whether you need Traffic Survival School, or Defensive Driving.  Traffic Survival School is a mandatory 8 hours class and you are required to attend in person mandated and monitored by ADOT (Arizona Department of Transportation).   Traffic Survival School in Arizona may eventually be available online, however at this time Traffic Survival School in Arizona consists of a 8 hour mandatory in person class.  You may be required to attend Traffic Survival School if you received a ticket some time ago, and have already had points assessed against your driving record. If you receive a letter from the MVD stating that you must complete a Traffic Survival School program, this is not optional — you must comply, or else risk having the MVD suspend your driver’s license.

Defensive Driving in Arizona on the other hand is a four hour course, you may take in person or online. Defensive Driving School is Certified and regulated by the Arizona Supreme Court. Defensive Driving is a court diversion program commonly offered to drivers who have received a traffic citation, but have not yet been convicted of a violation. In most cases, when you receive a traffic ticket in Arizona, you can choose to attend a Defensive Driving program, whereby upon completion, points will not be assessed to your driving record. Be aware that even if you do not elect to attend Defensive Driving, in some cases, a judge may require you to attend Defensive Driving or Traffic Survival School.

Differences in course curriculum delivery

There are a few main differences in the rules and curriculum for a Traffic Survival School vs a Defensive Driving School, for this reason the two are not interchangeable.   If you accidentally take Defensive Driving when you should have taken Traffic Survival or vise versa, your completion certificate will not be accepted, and you’ll end up having to enroll with another school and complete the correct type of course in order to remain licensed.

Please contact us to check eligibility for Traffic Survival School or Defensive Driving School in Arizona.

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