by tsinaz2, September 26, 2017

Online Traffic Survival School, for Arizona residents

Traffic Survival School Online is not yet offered in the state of Arizona. However, here at all Valley Wide Traffic Survival School we are excited to have the opportunity to provide Arizona drivers with an Online Traffic survival School solutions, for the first time EVER! Currently Arizona drivers may only take the 4 hour Defensive Driving school online, and the 8 hour Online Traffic Survival School must be attended in an actual classroom. Currently 8 hour Traffic Survival School Online in Arizona is not yet offered. Recently All Valley Wide Traffic Survival School has petitioned to become the first provider of Traffic Survival School Online in the State of Arizona.

With literally everything at our fingertips, we believe that Arizonians should be able to meet their court ordered T.S.S. obligations conveniently online, much like other states which have already approved Online Traffic School. Here at All Valley Wide TSS we have recently completed offering Defensive Driving School Online to Arizona residents. Having recently completed an online defensive driving curriculum meeting Arizona state standards we are more than confident we can execute an effective Online Traffic Survival School solution for Arizona residents.


StayWell PHSS stock photography. Instructor – lecture.

One major concern with this Traffic Survival School inevitability being offered online, is “what will come of the existing T.S.S. instructors”. Our model maintains all existing TSS instructor positions, as each test and associated registration credentials shall be verified by an existing state approved TSS Instructor. The most notable feature of our proposed Online T.S.S. curriculum is, real-time photo capturing technology. Intermittently throughout the course students will be prompted to take a photo of themselves, said photo will then be reviewed by a Arizona T.S.S. Instructor ensuring the test taker is the right person. The current laws in Arizona does not yet recognize
online photo recognition at this time. We appreciate your ongoing support as we pursue providing Online Traffic Survival in Arizona.